rebeccaperson (rebeccaperson) wrote in artificialjoy,

in a rutt

I dont exept to be happy.
I know someone else has it worse.
But life sucks when you have unexplaned neurological symptoms.
Ive lost friends because of it.
its embarrissing to go to a friends house or party.
and have convolutions or flairs.
"They"  [kids i know my age]
only understand certin pain.
like relationships,money,drugs
but chronic physical pain along with  flairs and convolutions.
its like talking to a box of rocks!

Like afew days ago i was taking a bus home.
Suddenly started to have convolutions on the bus.
The two girls next to me said "haha omg she crazy! lets move."

eh...ah...    >.>
im pending dissability.
So i can get insurance and findout whats wrong with me.
But pending
"social security"  [haha fuckn  joke]
 a catch 22
if you can go  a year or more without income and not die,or become homeless

then maby.....youll get approved!
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