Nichole (babybluebabe23) wrote in artificialjoy,

Why does he have to be so stubborn

wow... I haven't watched this movie in forever. My nephews use to love it... El Darado? idk how to spell it hahah

So taking the advice I got about the boyfriend thing. I text him tonight, and ew said a few things about me being worried. I'll type it out:

Me: babe, you don't have anything going on behind my back, right?
Him: Right
Me: I'm worried.
Him: Don't be
Me: I just really am
Him: babe, please. Don't be...
Me: you know... it's just kind of hard on me.
Him: What?
Me: I'm sorry, I'm just worried, you have no idea.
Him: No Reason. uhm, I don't know why...
Me: because you have a habit of getting extra close with people online.
Him: WTF I've been damn good.
Me: Babe, I know. you don't understand.
Me: Like, not stating on Gaia that I'm your girlfriend. Ok. People might not read it. But if they were talking to you often, then they would. But you deny to do it.
Me: I'm not trying to bring you down, I'm just trying to find a comfort zone,.... you know?
Him: yeah I guess
Me: are you mad?
Him: No.
Me: Is asking you to put it on there unfair of me?
Him: In some sense, yeah.
Me: So... if my myspace said Single, you would be okay with that?
Him: Sure, if you want it that way.
Me: But no matter how much these guys come on to me, it doesn't make you feel better that it is stated, and showing a piece of it's significance to me?
Him: They do it anyway, so it doesn't make a difference.
Me: It makes a different to me babe, and with my myspace? It makes a HUGE difference.
Me: So you think you not putting it on there after i have asked you as nicely as I going to make me less worried?

He never replied. Never answered my calls. He worked until eight tonight, which is a big reason on why his replies are short. He normally gets on by nine, sometimes ten. He didn't get on. Didn't text me back, didn't answer the phone. I left him a voice message around one telling him I loved him, and to text me in the morning. I signed online right now, and he was on this website... at 1:50am.

Is it wrong of me to wonder what took him until almost TWO IN THE MORNING to sign online and not answer my calls? Idk. He hasn't been feeling good, so was he laying down all night and randomly woke up and got on? Or did he go out? I mean, I checked the site around 1 when I called him. So within those forty minutes... He was on a short period of time... IDK

see this is the stuff that we end up in a fight about.

Anyway, about him putting on this site that he is "taken by Nichole" just that sentence alone, don't you guys believe it just has a statement. More then "im taken" because that could mean anyone... I just know that if any girl were to get involved with him and saw that on his page, it would probably give them a sign. Right? But if he won't do it, does that tell me he has something to hide? Is that my biggest warning sign?
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