Samantha (shinigamu) wrote in artificialjoy,

I am happy. Really. I'm in a 24/7 S/M relationship. I'm the slave, my significant other and boyfriend is my Master. We do this for multiple reasons, one is we've both always been into bdsm and the s/m roles, the other is our desire to try new things. Lastly, he's had a chronic illness(lyme) for the last 5-6 years of his life now that puts him in a somewhat delicate state. He can't state the normal or sometimes not so normal stresses of the average relationship, the potential arguing and bickering and etc. He finds it easier to be completely dominant in a relationship because it's easier for him to handle things when he has everything in his hand, so to speak. The flipside is that while I've always enjoyed a submissive role in bdsm, I've very contrary to that in my actions. I can be very argumentative or unreasonable to a point that it's not very fair to the other person in the relationship(family enviroments can breed this sort of thing, unfortunately) and for the longest time I haven't been able to put it in moderation or tone down the arguing and whatnot.

BUT, after working at our s/m relationship for awhile, establishing guidelines, rules, consequences and the ilk.. I kind of got it, but only kind of.

After really thinking about it more in the last few weeks, I'm made it work. I'm less stressed, less agitated, we argue less, we enjoy our time spent together more, my occasional indecision about foods and etc can be quickly mended by asking him.. well, suffice to say. I'm happy, it's working, I'm not quite sure what I'm doing but I'm doing it right.

And the reason why this is here? Well- It's a somewhat private relationship we keep and would rather it not leak into my friends page and into our social circle because we don't want to make people uncomfortable or get flak from people who don't quite get the nature of our relationship.

For a public service announcement : Go enjoy your day and love something. It's fun, I promise.
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